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Looking for a building to store equipment or hay, or maybe you need a new workshop or garage to partake in your favorite hobby; whatever your needs for a new building, Pole Building Supply out of Redmond, Oregon is the company to call. We provide free consultation and quotes, with no obligations on your part, and we can design any barn you might prefer. 

Pole Building Residential 

In most cases, a standard garage will not be enough for everything you have such as trucks, campers, boats,side-by-sides, workbenches, bicycles, motorcycles, classic cars, and other items. If you cannot fit everything in your garage, you need to upgrade to a pole barn garage. Protecting equipment the elements and preserving lifetime use and durability makes building a shop or sheds a sound investment. Protect your key equipment from sun, wind snow, and rain with equipment shed from Pole Building Supply in Redmond, OR. 

Agricultural Barns

When it comes to these Agricultural Pole Buildings, you first need to consider your storage needs. You must figure out the size of the storage room you need for all your machinery and farming equipment. You also should leave some space for you to do some work. With clearspan farm storage structures that can be as much as 100’ wide, you will have plenty of room to suit various storage needs even for the large farm equipment. Next, you should figure out how tall the building must be based on the eave height required, given your storage needs.

Pole Building Commercial

A commercial pole storage building provides you with a neat, well-lit space for machinery repairs. Also, they provide you with a safe storage space for expensive equipment and parts. Commercial garage buildings make sense because they not only present you with a smart storage solution, but they also help keep your materials, parts, and machinery safe. When you store your equipment and machinery in a pole building, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about vandalism. 

RV Storage Buildings

A home workshop is something that a lot of people want to have because they can do all their DIY projects easily.  Dedicated workshop buildings will have everything you need from a workbench to a place for the lawnmower to shelves for all your stuff. If you are a car enthusiast, you need to have a workshop. These buildings will be tall enough for a car lift and wide enough for your workbench as well as the tool chests. It is common to have a building that is a double garage with a third bay for your workshop. When you have a dedicated workshop, you will also be able to expand it for very little.

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